Slug Magazine

This is the world Audrey Smilley pulls you into. This three-man, post-modern, neo-classical rock—with a constantly rotating drummer—is real life, or a life sometime ago.

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The thing that I really liked about this album was how much the music seemed to encapsulate rock n’ roll. It felt really pure and natural to me. I also love the redemption story behind the music.

No More Division

A blast from the past: this recent remaster of a decades-old Provo album made for a surprisingly pleasurable listen.

Richard Danielson, Vintage Trouble

… Tight, very guitar driven garage rock, but also real solid on the drums, which is such a driving factor. Solid! … Wish there were more ‘bands’ slamming through tunes like this these days. I miss growing up in music where bands were King. Now it’s mostly solo artists.

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